Safety Plan

Beacon Preparatory Academy’s primary goal is the safety and well being of our students and staff. Visitors are required to enter at the main office only by a buzz-in system. 

To enter our school facility parents will use their numbered security “fob” which will monitor access and grant you the entry to the facility. Upon arrival parents are greeted in the waiting area and children can enter the school. During the school day, parents/guardians will not be allowed to leave the waiting area to enter the school. 

Multiple security cameras are placed strategically throughout our facility to monitor the flow of people in and around our school. Additionally, strategically placed cameras are located in each classroom and parents have access to these cameras. Immediate communication is provided by an internal phone system throughout the school and is accessible used by all staff. 

Beacon Prep strictly abides by the requirements of the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning. For example, Beacon Prep participates in at least one fire drill and one school security drill each month. Additionally, as required, the school holds a minimum of two of each of the following security drills annually: active shooter, evacuation (non-fire), bomb threat, and lockdown. 

Emergency kits, window blinds, black security curtains, and door locks are located in each classroom in case of a lockdown.