At Beacon Prep we educate the whole child. Our classes are purposely kept small to aid our students with individualized attention and our curriculum is progressive and innovative to keep our students engaged.

Our student-centered curriculum is designed to serve the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of every child. We strive to create a positive atmosphere and to provide superior academic education so that each child will become a productive member of society.

BPA is pleased to offer working families a premier program for all of your academics and sports under one roof. If you join us for either the After-School program or only a few extra-curricular activities, your child is guaranteed to have a great time and learn at the same time! Our offerings will vary depending on what families value and need!

Our camp program is designed for children grades K through 5. It offers an exciting variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including soccer, chess, cooking, circus workshop, trips, games, family BBQ and movie night under the stars, a strong academic component and so much more. We can’t wait for the summer!

Our Mission

The mission of Beacon Preparatory Academy is to provide a caring and nurturing environment in which every child is respected. Each student is given the opportunity to develop moral character, positive attitude, and values.

The student-centered curriculum is designed to serve the educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of every child. We strive to create a positive atmosphere and to provide superior academic education so that each child will become a productive member of society.

What makes us different:

Completely Renovated Eco-Friendly Facility

We offer a newly renovated facility of over 9,000 sq ft! Our classrooms are bright and spacious. We make it a priority to maintain a clean and sanitized environment. We use a special regimen “Care. Clean. Protect.” from Probiocare, along with readily available hand sanitizers, air purifiers, humidifiers, UV lamps, and additional measures, throughout the building.

Small Classes

We are happy to say that our classrooms are large and airy, but we are able to maintain small class sizes. This allows us to provide personalized attention to every student in our care. Each classroom is equipped with age-appropriate educational resources, toys, and furniture, carefully designed for your stars to have fun and learn.

Newly Built Kitchen

Our newly-built commercial kitchen is a chef’s dream! This can only mean one thing – happy bellies for our students!

3 Fresh Daily Prepared Healthy Meals & Snacks

We provide 3 fresh, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Our menu rotates and one week is never like the last. We aim to serve the most nutritious meals with high-quality produce, grains and meats.

Parent Accessible Cameras

The cameras are not only for safety and security, but more importantly they for your peace of mind! Through our very own APP, parents are able to access live camera feed, right into your child’s classroom! See your child learn, grow, and play throughout the day, at your convenience.

Hi-Tech Classrooms

We are very aware that the world today highly depends on technology. Our students will not only be introduced to the idea of using technology, but they will be able to utilize it in the classrooms to further their studies and knowledge. Classroom laptops, smartboards, and online programs will allow our students increased academic opportunities, which will allow them to better succeed in the future.


You are invited to take advantage of our very own, brand new school bus! This can make life easier for parents, but more than that, it allows our students to have the advantage of multiple trips throughout the year, making school fun, while learning, of course!

After-School Program

We are pleased to offer a premier program for all your academic and sports desires under one roof! There are various options, whether it is the full program or just a few extra-curricular activities, your child is guaranteed to have a great time and learn!

Summer Camp

Choosing the right summer camp for your child is almost as nerve-wrecking and just as important as choosing the right school! We offer various camp options with activities both indoors and outdoors. Our activities will vary from soccer, chess, cooking, circus workshops, trips, games, family BBQs, movie nights under the stars, a strong academic component, and so much more!

Holiday / Weekend hours

Our Holiday Camp and Weekend programs are designed to engage our students in ways that differ from the classic classroom curriculum. These programs will be fun, interactive, “outside of the box”, yet maintaining a learning environment.

New State-of-the-Art Playground with Home Grown Garden

Our playground is over 8,000 sq ft of fun, open space. No expense was spared when creating our state-of-the-art playground. There are 3 separate sections so our little stars, big stars, and soccer stars each have the best and safest time!

Cultural and Social Immersion Experiences

One of the exciting adventures will be the immersion aspect of the curriculum. Students will get to know countries around the world through their culture (art, books, animation, and music); their food (cooking and savoring). Our immersion program broadens children’s horizons and fosters diversity, which will help them succeed in their future endeavors.

Supervised Homework Assistance

Having the support from your teacher is beneficial to both students and parents. This is why we make sure our students get the assistance they need with their homework, as the school day comes to an end and afterschool program begins. It allows the students to have one-on-one attention from the teacher, and also allows the parents not to worry about homework after a long day at work.

Our Safety and Security Measures

The safety and security of our students and staff is extremely important! There is only one main door that leads to our waiting room equipped with classroom cameras, and locked doors into our preschool and school sides of the facility. Each family member and staff member has an individualized key code and a fingerprinting device to help ease drop off and pick up.

Why Beacon Preparatory Academy

Beacon Preparatory Academy has high expectations for each student’s academic performance. Our classes are purposely kept small ensuring each student receives individualized attention and support through our innovative and progressive instruction.

Our innovative and progressive instructional model ensures that every student receives high individual support. Instruction is differentiated to motivate and challenge all children to succeed. The instructional program includes challenging in-class instruction, and after-school tutorial support and electives. Committed to the development of the whole child, we offer extensive after school enrichment programs that include chess, STEM/STEAM, robotics, coding, circus school, cooking, among many more unique options.

Our curriculum is based on the Common Core Curriculum Standards in all content areas. To address all the multiple intelligences, our students participate in STEAM, art, foreign language, athletics, and chess. Character Education is emphasized in all we do. We stress the importance of respect and cooperation for all and they serve as the cornerstone for our school culture.

Communicating with parents is important to our teachers and staff. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to set up meetings with teachers and the administration at any time to maintain an open sharing of ideas and concerns.

Our newly renovated spacious facility is located at 165 Amboy Rd, Morganville.

Fun Fact

Why did we choose Beacon Preparatory Academy as our name?

A beacon is a symbol of hope, safety and home. Hope is the chance to become everything you’ve ever wanted to be. Safety is being secure in your environment, and knowing your support system, Home is a warm comfortable space where you can be what you want to be.

By definition, a beacon is a person or entity that warns, guides or offers support. It also is a signal for guidance and a source of light or inspiration.

We chose this name because this is what we strive for at Beacon Prep. We are the beacon for our students. We want to guide, protect, inspire and encourage our students not only while they spend the time in our academy but even after graduation.