Covid-19 Policies

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Beacon Preparatory Academy and Smart Stars Academy II took cleaning and disinfecting our school facility extremely seriously.

With the health and well-being of our students and staff in mind we elected to use an organic cleaning regimen called “Care. Clean. Protect” by Probiocare ( The natural probiotic cleaners protect our facility and those who enter from pathogenic bacteria, dust mite allergies, and enforce all of our immune protection shields without the toxic chemicals so commonly used today.

When Covid-19 came into our lives, we had to adjust, and in this situation, we ended up being a step ahead. While our probiotic cleaners are working on microscopic level destroying the pathogens and the biofilm pathogens strive in, we are fully aware we need to use sanitizing and disinfecting products as well. Another advantage of this cleaning regimen is that we are able to disinfect our facility with a process called fogging, where we cover 100% of the room with sanitizing mist (<%75 Alcohol mixed with Probiocare’s Probiotics). This procedure will be performed daily along with separately disinfecting high traffic areas such as door handles, chair backs, front desk, tables, doors, and faucets.

In addition the following steps will be implemented:

• all students and parents/adults must wash their hands upon arrival,
• students’ shoes will be taken off and placed in an individual bag that will be kept in his/her locker,
• students’ hands will be sanitized using a child safe sanitizing spray or gel,

Additionally, hand sanitizers will be available throughout the entire facility.